Hi! I'm Colleen.

Publishing Primer LIVE: next week

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Hello! It's been a long time since we've used this email list, but I thought it was time to dust it off.

I'm getting ready to go camping for the weekend. It's our first opportunity this summer, so I'm looking forward to unplugging!

Meanwhile, I've been preparing for our Publishing Primer LIVE course next week. I know you signed up for the March replays. The live experience is a step up. One past participant said Publishing Primer changed her life. It really did: she is now in our Nestbuilder program, coming to us as a leadership coach who wanted to author and publish a book or two to support that work, and discovering that she loves writing in multiple genres and is leaning away from coaching.

Meanwhile, I've been getting reading for our Publishing Primer LIVE course next week. It's a teaching and group coaching experience for people who are thinking of publishing a book. Just one hour a day (11 am MST) with super light homework each day (a couple of questions to ponder and a few sentences in response). While the live sessions are ideal, we offer replays for people who just can't make it and plenty of interaction.

If you've already taken the course, the coaching dynamic makes it a completely different experience every time. (In January, it was a completely different experience because I lost my voice and Travis and Nicola took over the teaching and facilitating!) Even seasoned authors find that they glean something new every time, so don't be shy to join the course again.

Here are the links to the Publishing Primer LIVE course:

If you're already a member in The Book Hatchery: members

If you're not yet a member in The Book Hatchery: non-members.

One past participant, Tammy Brimner, said Publishing Primer LIVE changed her life. I bear witness that it really did! She is now in our Nestbuilder program. She came to us as a leadership coach who wanted to publish a book or two to support her coaching work, but discovered that she loves writing in multiple genres and is leaning towards writing full-time alongside her photograpy!

I'm also curious to know when you'd like to talk about next steps for your book project. If you're ready, we're ready to get the ball rolling. If you need a little more time, perhaps taking the Publishing Primer course would help with your discernment process.

Either way, we'd love to hearing from you.

Colleen McCubbin

Publisher, CEO of Siretona Creative


p.s. We're doing something different this time! In the past, we left the replays up indefinitely. This time we're closing the free-access doors to The Book Hatchery and Publishing Primer on Tuesday, August 30th at midnight. Here are the links again for Book Hatchery members and non-members.

p.p.s. We'll send a couple of reminders over the next few days.

Hi! I'm Colleen.

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